What is Special Holiday Wants?

In 2016, Special Wants: A Bacon and Juice Boxes Project decided to launch a simple “holiday gift exchange” to help grant wishes for families who have a special need’s loved one (and their siblings!). We know that it can be expensive to pay for therapies and treatments and wanted to alleviate the financial burden around the holidays for these families. It was completed using a basic excel sheet where people requested wishes, and then other people granted those wishes. It was an amazing success! We granted over 500 wishes that first year!

Since then, we have grown in different ways every single year.
After 5 years, we have granted over 7,300 wishes!

2016: 529 wishes
2017: 1,300 wishes
2018: 1,800 wishes
2019: 2,000 wishes
2020: 1,750 wishes

We became a 501c3 in 2019 and have received the following annual donations:

$12,486.00 in monetary donations
$16,817.52 in monetary donations

Additionally, we have had over $200,000 worth of wishes granted directly by our amazing angels!
We have been blessed by so many angels within this special community! We hope you find this website easy to use, and encourage you to share the link with others who may want to consider being an “angel” and granting wishes this year!