What is Special Holiday Wants?

In 2016, Special Wants launched a “holiday gift exchange” to help grant wishes for families caring for someone with special needs. It can be expensive to pay for therapies and treatments and Special Wants hoped to alleviate the financial burden around the holidays for families. Since we started, we have granted over 400 wishes! In 2019, we became an official non-profit organization and began accepting donations. 100% of donations go toward granting holiday wishes.

YEAR # of wishes granted $ donations recieved
2016 529
2017 1300
2018 1800
2019 2000 12,486.00
2020 1750 16,817.52
2021 1381 27,810.00
2022 2656 34,401.17
TOTALS 11416 <91,514.69/td>

Beyond the wishes that Special Wants is able to grant with the donation money referenced above, we have had over $250,000 worth of wishes granted directly by our amazing angels who choose a family to support! We are blessed to have so many angels supporting this special community. We hope you find this website easy to use, and encourage you to share the link with others who may want to consider being an “angel” and grant wishes this year!