Program Overview

What is Special Holiday Wants (The Educator Edition)?

Special Wants is offering a new wishing program this holiday season that will grant classroom wishes for Educators who lead special education student classes. The program will kick off October 1st and will conclude on December 31, 2022. Complete details are listed below. Please read through all details before submitting your nomination or application forms to ensure eligibility.

Nomination Submission Timeframe

Start Date: October 1
End Date: October 22

Nominated Educator Application Timeframe
*applications can be submitted anytime after receiving your email from Special Wants confirming you are eligible

Start Date: October 1
End Date: November 5

Angels Wish Granting Timeframe

Start Date: November 1
End Date: December 31

Nominee Requirements

  1. Educators who spend at least 90% of their day leading classes for special education students (Includes: teachers, para professionals, speech/language pathologists, and occupational therapists)
  2. Works at a public, private or charter school located within the USA. Educators working at Day Program Centers for Special Needs Adults can also be nominated
  3. Self-nominations are accepted
  4. All wishes requested need to be sent directly to school address or day program center address


How to submit nominations

How do I nominate someone?

Click here to complete and submit your nomination form.

When are nominations due?

The nomination form will close at midnight EST on October 22.

Instructions for Educators who have been nominated

Educators who were nominated and meet all eligibility criteria will receive an email with further instructions. Special Wants will send an email to the email address submitted in the Nomination form providing instructions regarding your wish list and application. Only teachers who have received a nomination between October 1-22, 2022, and received a confirmation email from Special Wants will be able to submit their Wish list and application for this Special Wants giving program.

Step 1: Create your Amazon Wishlist (instructions available below) *Please no more than 45 items!
Step 2: Complete and submit the Special Wants Wishlist application form no later than November 5th, 2022

The application form will close at mightnight est on November 5. No wishlists will be accepted after November 5th, 2022

How do I request wishes?

Educators will create an Amazon wish list of items that are requested and needed for their classrooms. The link should be submitted on the application form. The Amazon wish lists will be highlighted on Special Wants social media during November and December. The wish list “ship to" address must be the school (and not your private residence).

Once a wish list link is submitted, no further wishes should be added. We will ask you to submit the total number of wishes on your application form so we may track how many wishes were granted through this Special Wants wish event. In the event that an item becomes discontinued, you are permitted to delete and replace with a comparable item.

On the application form, please explain how these items will help to enhance the education and lives for your special education students. Please refer to these examples to see the type of information you should include on your application form

Step by step instructions on how to set up your Amazon wishlist- or click here to watch a 4 minute video
  1. Navigate to
  2. Click on Account & Lists
  3. Under Lists, select Create a List
  4. Name your list the following:
    SSWL + First Name + Last Name Initial + 2 digit state abbreviation
    Example: "SWWL Jo-Ann T, NJ"
    (Note: SWWL = Special Wants Wish List)
  5. Begin searching Amazon and adding items to your wishlist
  6. When you find an item, instead of clicking "Add to Cart", school below until you see Add to list and then select the wish list to add the item to
  7. For each item, click on Edit comment, quantity and priority
    • Add a comment describing how this item will help your students
    • Update quantity if you are requesting more than one
    • Set the priority regarding the importance of each item to your student
  8. At the top right of your list, click the 3 dots MORE button and choose Manage List
  9. Ensure you list name is formatted correctly
  11. Select Choose Organization
  12. Enter your name as recipient
  13. Add your school email address
  14. Add your school website address
  15. Explain in "Description" why these items are needed/how they help
  16. Enter school's shipping address
  17. Ensure all 3 boxes are unchecked
  18. Click Save Changes after you have updated all fields on Manage List screen
  19. At the top right of your list, click Send List to Others
  20. Click View Only and copy link
  21. Also click on Send By Email and add

    This will share the list with Special Wants and allow us to see it on our Special Wants Amazon shopping account

When will educators receive items/wishes?

It is our goal that through this program, participating Angels and the Special Wants board will grant wishes throughout the 2022 holiday season (October-December). The Educator should expect any wish list items that were granted to be shipped and received at the mailing address provided.

How can I thank the Angel who granted wishes?

Amazon will typically share that the item was purchased as a gift and there is a "Send thanks" button that becomes available where you can add a short note of thanks back to the purchaser.

Additionally, you can send an email to: if you would like to share a special note of thanks or video message about the items you have received. With your permission, Special Wants will be honored to share these sentiments on our social media pages for all to see.

Angel Instructions

How can I claim a wish?
  1. Review the list of eligible wish lists here
  2. Browse any/all of the lists and choose any (as many) items that you wish to purchase
  3. Click Add to Cart
  4. If you decide to purchase wishes from multiple lists, you will need to complete separate transactions
  5. Ensure the school address is correctly listed for this purchase
    NOTE: The address will be partially hidden for the privacy of the requestor
  6. When you are adding items to your cart, you have the option to note that these items are "gifts" and you will be permitted to add a comment or note to the educator for each item if you desire
  7. Click purchase

You did it! Enjoy your "Angel" status! You are greatly appreciated by Special Wants and all of the nominees

How will I know the item(s) have been received?

You can track your shipment in your Amazon portal to ensure it was delivered.

Can I make a financial donation and have someone else purchase items?

Yes! We couldn’t survive without our Angel financial donors! Please click on the Donate link. You will be directed to sign into PayPal to make a donation using your PayPal account or Credit/Debit Card. Special Wants, Inc. does not capture or store any financial details on our site - all transactions are processed through PayPal.

When filling out your donation information, you can add a Special Note if you would like to request that the wish selected be for a particular individual, item, or category of gift. Special Wants administrators will make every effort to honor that request. You will receive a Thank you and donation receipt from Special Wants for your donation. You will NOT be given the personal information or any details about the Educator who had an item granted with any monies you donated.

Is my monetary donation tax deductible?

Yes, since Special Wants is a 501c3 organization, your donation is tax deductible. Retain your PayPal donation receipt to submit with your tax documents.